Sky Alliance Policies

  1. Any physical or verbal action against moral, good manners or any professional misconduct will be punished with the expulsion of the company involved, since individuals represent their companies.
  2. Commercial espionage, data theft or business agreements which may attempt against the group or specific members of the group, as well as creation of other Networks, implies immediate expulsion.
  3. Members must have an insurance policy covering liabilities for, at least, USD 10.000.
  4. Unsettled disputes arising non-payment agreement implies expulsion
  5. In case of operational disputes arising between members, Sky Alliance offers a Disputes Settlement Mediation System.
  6. Membership implies the acceptance of these rules.
  7. The expulsion as a result of breaching any of the rules above mentioned is immediate and cancels the right of the excluded member to claim any amount paid until that moment.